Transforming global commerce
We are transforming global commerce by empowering merchants to build the next generation of commerce experiences
Tomorrows Platform Today
Scattered across the globe in seven different countries and five different continents (the penguins in Antarctica are disappointingly low tech), our team is constantly innovating, developing, and striving to transform commerce. We are building a modern ecommerce platform based around beauty, simplicity & speed.
Built to Scale
We understand the needs, challenges and risks that online retailers face on a daily basis. This understanding has allowed us to develop a platform that has all the features you need without the bloat and complexity that you don’t. We have replaced the complexity often found in other solutions with a beautiful, easy to use platform that will never hold you back.
Corporate Social Responsibility

The interwoven success of Lana and our merchants creates a positive cycle of economic growth both locally and globally.

Lana facilitates advancement in all corners of the world, especially in developing communities that need the support most. What we do isn't charity; it's continued support of entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities that need it. Our belief in the power of pushing people forward doesn't end with our employees or customers. We strongly believe in the power of business to empower communities through investment and innovation.

We strongly believe in the power of business to empower communities through investment and innovation.
Keeping it Clean & Green

Servers cause over 2% of global carbon emissions; our team at Lana wants no part of anything that hurts the environment. As a result, we use LEED certified carbon neutral data centers —whenever possible— to reduce our environmental impact.

We also use a highly scalable distributed computing cluster that increases our utilization rates from the industry standard of 10% to numbers beyond 50%. Thanks to this, we require 5x fewer servers than the standard and release 5x fewer carbon emissions, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Lana uses 100% carbon neutral server infrastructure.

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