Our Features
The complete headless ecommerce API platform that’s easy to use but built to scale.
Blazing Fast
We have engineered Lana from the ground up to be lightning fast.
Omni-channel Delivery
Develop commerce experiences for any platform or device using the same API.
Enterprise Grade
Lana is developed for the most demanding enterprise organizations.
Custom Fields
100% flexability using custom fields for products and content.
Multiple Languages
Lana supports many languages natively. You can also translate your shop into any language you want easily.
eCommerce CMS
Flexible content management system that allows your team to create and edit content without coding.
Unlimited Orders
Lana scales with you as your store grows. Every plan includes plenty of included orders each month. All plans include unlimited order capacity.
Global Tax Support
Lana has a flexible and robust Global Tax calculation engine that supports all jurisdictions including Canadian compounding sales tax.
Fraud Detection
Our fraud detection algorithm monitors orders for suspicious behavior. Set rules to automatically cancel or receive a notification of suspicious orders.
Avalara Tax Calculation
Tax is complicated. Leave the compliance to the experts at Avalara with our direct sales tax calculation integration.
TaxJar Tax Calculation
Lana integrates with TaxJar for sales tax calculation. You can easily connect TaxJar to Lana in the admin console.
With just the click of a few button you can export orders in CSV format for processing, fulfillment or reporting.
Never lose a sale again because of temporary stockouts.
Self-service Order Cancellations
Boost customer satisfaction with self-service order cancellation. Set your cancellation policies and let customers manage their orders themselves.
Flexible Subscription Models
Offer weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions to fit your business model and customer needs.
Tailored Subscription Products
Handpick the products to include in your subscriptions for a personalized customer experience.
Incentivize with Subscription Discounts
Encourage subscription sign-ups by offering special discounts exclusive to subscribers.
Effortless Automated Billing
Ensure timely payments with automated billing cycles, making transactions seamless for both you and your subscribers.
Easy Subscriber Management
Monitor and manage all your subscribers from a single dashboard, making customer management a breeze.
Automated Dunning
Handle payment failures effortlessly. Send automated reminders to customers about upcoming payments and failed transactions to minimize subscription churn.
Customer Self Service
Improve customer loyalty by offering a branded returns portal that allows customers to return products without contacting your support team.
Advanced Rules
Use Lana to create advanced return rules to automate the returns processing.
Generate Shipping Labels
Customers can automatically receive return shipping labels from major carriers including USPS and Canada Post.
Refund Methods
Offer different refund methods depending on the rules and conditions you create.
Return Inspections
Set specific checklists to ensure your receiving team quality check the returned items before refunding the customer.
You can choose to either approve returns (or only those meeting certain conditions) or require manual approval always.
Return Analytics
Easily analyse and track return metrics including return percentage, average return and average shipping label cost.
Keep your customers updated on their return progress with branded emails and SMS updates.
Unlimited Customers
We have no limits on the number of customers your store can have, allowing you to scale to hyper growth.
Customer Groups
Segment your customers into groups. Charge different prices for the same product depending on the customers group.
Customer Profiles
Our advanced customer profile shows customers past orders, analytics and addresses.
Segment customers by lifetime spend, number of orders placed or location using advanced search functionality.
Enable wholesale trade on your shop by placing wholesalers into a wholesale customer group. Setup wholesaler only promotions to increase sales.
Advanced Search
Our search has the ability to pinpoint customers using various advanced filters.
Easily import or exports customers in CSV format. Export customers to a legacy system or import from another platform, the options are endless.
Seamless Social Sign-In
Allow customers to use their Google or Facebook to sign-in for a hassle-free shopping experience.
Free Shipping
Stimulate sales with free shipping. Setup rules to enable free shipping such as order minimums.
Get real time shipping quotes direct from UPS.
Lana supports real time shipping rates from FedEx.
Automatic carrier shipping rates from USPS are directly integrated into Lana.
Australia Post
Lana supports Australia Post. Real time shipping rates are retrieved directly from AusPost.
Canada Post
We have full support for real time shipping rate retrieval direct from Canada Post.
Shipping Restrictions
Easily restrict the shipment of products to certain countries.
Global Shipping
With support for most leading carriers, you can ship globally from day one.
Flexible shipping rates
Lana has the flexibility to setup manual shipping rates based on weight or order value.
Global Address Validation
Boost your parcel delivery success rate with Global Address Validation. Automatically validate customer addresses in over 220 countries and regions worldwide, reducing misdelivery losses and increasing customer satisfaction.
Unlimited Products
Lana includes unlimited products on all plans.
Product Variants
Sell the same product in different variants such as small, medium or large. This is great for products that sell in different sizes, colors or patterns.
Import & Export
Import or export products from Lana in CSV format.
Custom Metadata
Add custom metadata such as video links, manufacturer model numbers or even product tax codes.
Product Options
Products can have a variety of different options such as size, color, pattern or even a combinations of various options.
Option Sets
Save time by putting commonly used options such as size and color into an option set that can be quickly applied to any product
Beautiful Images
Use dynamic image resizing and cropping to display truly unique visual imagery in your shop.
Customizable Products
Elevate customer satisfaction and drive sales with effortless product customization. Customers can easily personalize their items by choosing custom text, uploading files, adding unique engravings, and more.
Product Reviews
63% of customers are more likely to buy from a store with product reviews. Drive organic traffic and sales without having to pay for a seperate app.
Review Moderation
Approve or disapprove reviews based on the rules and brand standards you set. Automate approvals that meet your criteria.
Social Proof
Generate social proof by encouraging customers to upload product images to reviews.
Review Dimensions
Customers can rate specific product attributes that you set such as fit and color.
Create a community by giving shoppers the power to ask and answer product related questions.
Global Profanity Filter
Protect your brand by checking user generated content for explicit content in 25+ languages. Add extra words to your custom bad word list. Add exceptions for words your audience don't consider offensive.
Advanced Inventory
Multiple Locations
Easily stock, manage and ship your inventory from multiple locations such as retail stores or warehouses.
Transfer inventory between locations using a fully tracked and audited workflow.
Purchase Orders
Avoid costly stockouts by creating Purchase Orders directly in Lana.
Accurate Receiving
Inventory received from Purchase Orders and Transfers are checked for count accuracy and quality.
Inventory Log
All inventory is tracked and an audit log of all movements is kept giving you unparalleled insight into your inventory.
Automated POsSOON
Create supplier purchase orders automatically based on low inventory levels, stock velocity or demand forecasts.
Inventory Optimization
Free cash tied up in overstocked product inventory and anticipate stockouts.
Harness of the power of machine learning to predict inventory demand.
Data Feeds
Keep product information synchronized across platforms with data feeds. Generate feeds for Google, Facebook, and more with ease.
Advanced Promotions
Our Advanced Promotions Engine is extremely robust giving you the flexibility to create truly unique promotional campaigns.
Discount Coupons
Create discount coupons for products, shipping or both.
Generate Bulk Coupons
Generate coupons in bulk. Generate hundreds or thousands of unique coupons based on the rules you set.
Free Shipping
Offer storewide free shipping or create granular rules such as free shipping only when they buy from certain categories or products.
Percentage off
Create percentage off promotions. Add specific rules to only give the discount on certain categories or when using a certain shipping carrier.
Fixed Amount Off
Offer a fixed amount off such as $5 off when your customer spends over $100.
Buy one get one free is a popular promotional that promotes increased volume buys.
Smart Restrictions
Setup advanced rules and restrictions on discount coupon usage.
Customer Group Promos
Create discounts for customers in a certain customer groups, such as wholesalers or VIPs.
Carrier Specific Promos
Offer promotional discounts only when customers choose a certain shipping carrier.
Digital Downloads
Sell Digital Products
Sell digital goods such as music, ebooks, templates, games or software with Lana digital download feature.
Automatic Delivery
Digital products can be automatically delivered for a seamless customer experience.
PDF StampingSOON
Print your customers name on each page to deter people from sharing.
License keysSOON
Generate and issue license keys for each purchase. Perfect if you are selling software or games.
Lana has full support for EU VAT digital goods tax.
Large File Support
Lana supports digital downloads such as videos, software and games up to 5GB.
Swift Digital Delivery
All digital goods are delivered through a CDN, so your customer will always experience fast downloads.
Download Limits
Use download limits to prevent customers from sharing digital products.
Not Just Downloads
Lana is not limited just to digital downloads, you can also sell services such as appointments.
Lana Payments
Accept credit cards instantly with Lana Payments with support for merchants in over 25 countries.
Gift Cards
Sell gift cards in various denominations. The perfect upsell for the holiday season.
Local Payment Methods
Many customers prefer to pay using local payment methods. You can optionally support alternative payment methods.
Apple Pay
The payment method just a touch away from billions of users in the Apple ecosystem.
China’s leading payment method with over 1 billion active account holders.
WeChat Pay
One of China’s favourite ways to pay with over 900 million active users.
The trusted payments brand with 267 million active account holders in over 100 countries.
Google Pay
The predominant stored payment wallet for the Android ecosystem.
Card Tokenization
Save your customers time and increase checkout conversions by allowing customers to save their card securely.
Monitor key performance indicators such as average order value with our beautiful dashboard.
Sales Tax Report
Generate a report on the Sales Tax collected. It’s perfect for tax season!
The insights report has extremely powerful insights to strategically improve key store metrics.
Marketing Report
Discover your most important order acquisition channels with the marketing report.
Orders Report
View key metrics related to orders, sales and revenue in your store.
Customers Report
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Abandoned Carts
The abandoned orders report has the sales lost to abandonment and products commonly abandoned.
Advanced Reporting
Our drill down analytic reports provide unparalleled insight into the behaviour, performance and trends related to your store.
Find products that are selling well and which need improvement. Get both macro and micro insights into your stores product sales data.
Blazing Fast
We have developed our stack from the ground up to be blazing fast.
API First
Lana is API first. Lana Commerce API is a first class citizen not an afterthought.
Industry Leading API
Lana offers one of the most robust, flexible and powerful commerce APIs available in the market today.
Receive notifications of events to integrate applications in real time.
Powerful Integration
Integrate Lana with almost any other application using Lana Commerce API.
All data is encrypted using industry leading standards.
PCI Compliant
Lana is a PCI Compliant service provider.
Advanced Permissions
Advanced user permissions give you the flexibility to limit staff access.
Audit logging
Every action is recorded to an audit trail. This helps monitor and prevent unauthorized activity in your store.
Add an extra layer of security by enabling Two Factor Authentication.
Security Compliant
Google Cloud is audited and certified to the most rigorous degree under PCI as well as SOC 1, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.
Steller Support
We take pride in the support we provide our merchants.
Priority Support
Our advanced plans have priority support that has even faster response times.
Help Center
Quickly find answers to common questions without having to reach out to us.
Blazing Fast CDN
Our CDN is powered by Google. With servers in over 80 cities across the globe, your store will load blazingly fast anywhere your customer is located.
We backup data daily and keep these backups for an extended period of time.
Carbon Neutral
Lana cloud infrastructure is 100% carbon neutral. We are proud of this major achievement and of our contribution to a cleaner world.
Daily Improvements
Each day we ship new features and improvements.
24/7 Monitoring
Our Engineers monitor Lana 24/7 using network probes in dozen of cities across the globe.